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Long Island Property Taxes & What To Do With Your New Trump Stimulus Check

There’s a lot of talk about a new round of stimulus checks to help individuals and businesses during this crisis. The bailout, like the one in 2008 could easily top $2T. What should you do with your Trump check?  Crisis, … Continue Reading >>

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The 5 Best Things About COVID-19 For Long Island Property Owners

We’ve heard all the bad news about the coronavirus. Here are some good things that could come out of it, especially for Long Island real estate owners and their property taxes.  Schools Are Forced To Change It might be a … Continue Reading >>

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7 Reasons Your NY Property Taxes Could Rise In 2020

Are your NY property taxes going up this year? There are a variety of reasons New Yorkers, including property owners on Long Island could see a spike in their tax bills in 2020 and 2021. Be alert to them. Know … Continue Reading >>

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The Coronavirus Lockdown: How Can I Still Pay & Appeal My Property Taxes?

Property tax deadlines are looming for Long Islanders. How can you still pay and appeal your property tax bill among all the chaos the coronavirus is causing?  Epidemic We’re now dealing with both a global pandemic and local epidemic of … Continue Reading >>

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Deadline To Grieve Your Property Tax Bill Is Approaching Fast

The deadline for Nassau County property owners to appeal their annual property tax bills and assessments is coming up fast. Make sure you don’t lose thousands because you didn’t get help in time. Many Nassau County residents are facing massive … Continue Reading >>

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How NY Landlords Can Survive High Taxes & New Rent Rules

NY landlords continue to get pummeled with high taxes and new rules for renting out their properties. These dynamics already have many nervous, and could negatively impact the state and local economies. What can landlords and investors do to make … Continue Reading >>

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How Can We Keep The Next Generation On Long Island?

Younger generations are leaving Long Island. Why? How can we encourage them to stay, and make it possible? Millennials & Generation Z Are Leaving Town We’ve recently heard about a lot of boomers and members of Generation X leaving NY. Many … Continue Reading >>

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Tax Filing Deadlines Are Looming: Essential Moves To Make This Year

Tax deadlines are coming up fast. What smart moves should you be making to maximize refunds, reduce amounts you’ll have to fork over for taxes and to protect your finances? Federal income tax deadlines will be here before you know … Continue Reading >>

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The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself This Valentine’s Day

What’s the best gift you can give yourself this Valentine’s Day? You may already be dreaming of a relaxing weekend getaway. Maybe a pampering experience at a luxury spa. Or even treating yourself to some gifts you’ve been tagging on … Continue Reading >>

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How The New Freelance Law Could Skyrocket Your Property Taxes

New employment laws could be on the verge of spiking your property taxes again. Find out the why, when and how… California recently passed a sweeping new ban on remote workers and independent contractors. As with rent control, state income … Continue Reading >>

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