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6 Reasons Your Long Island Property Taxes Could Go Down Next Year

It hasn’t been fun being a Long Islander for the past few years. Soaring property taxes and even more tax debacles proving that things just aren’t getting fixed has shined the light on everything not so great about owning a … Continue Reading >>

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5 Places To Vacation With Your Property Tax Savings This Summer

Having appealed your annual property tax bill and put big savings in your pocket, here is some inspiration of where to go to enjoy your extra dollars this summer. Those who grieve their property tax bills can save thousands of … Continue Reading >>

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Why Higher Property Taxes On Golf Courses Are A Problem For Everyone

Newly proposed higher property taxes on golf courses could be a major financial problem for the majority of New Yorkers. Here’s why you should care, and what you can do to protect your own finances. New Budget, More Taxes Clearly, … Continue Reading >>

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The Real Truth About Property Taxes & Why We Need To Be Rid Of Them

High property taxes are a pain. That’s not all. There’s a darker side to them. More than most realize. Here’s the truth… It’s just rent. It’s Medieval The American Dream as it is, is a big media gimmick. Property taxes … Continue Reading >>

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The Ugly Side Effects Of Long Island’s Broken Property Tax System

There are many excuses given for Long Island’s ultra-high property taxes and broken tax systems. Few really hold up when you think about them. These are just some of the ugly side effects of both outrageously high property taxes and … Continue Reading >>

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Thinking Of Selling Your NY Home This Spring: These Tax Issues Won’t Help

A lot of New Yorkers are hoping to list and sell their homes this spring. Unfortunately, new tax issues may not help. The real estate market has clearly turned. The economy may not be far behind. With mortgage lenders tightening … Continue Reading >>

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6 Issues Threatening Higher Housing Costs For Long Islanders

Thought it was already too expensive to live on Long Island? Brace yourself. It’s about to become even more challenging… These six factors could make it even tougher for Long Island home buyers and owners during the months and years … Continue Reading >>

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The Closing Docs: The Fine Print Of Property Taxes When Buying A Home On Long Island

Buying or selling a home on Long Island? The recent property blows to Nassau County residents has certainly given many extra motivation to move. Though whether you are downsizing or moving out of state to lower your property taxes, here’s … Continue Reading >>

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New York Is Out To Get You For More Taxes, Even If You Try To Leave

New York has officially stooped to a new level of desperation sure to topple the Empire State. The tax man is even going to the lengths of tracking your vet and dentist visits, phone location and social media activity. It … Continue Reading >>

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Another 2.5% Property Tax Hike Coming To Long Island

If you can’t keep up with all the tax hikes this year, you’re probably not alone. There seems to be an extra special push to hit Long Islanders with more taxes. Here is the latest hit to your wallet, what … Continue Reading >>

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