Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. is a pioneer in the business of saving homeowner’s money on their property taxes. The company was founded in March 1991 by Marsha Held and Elyse Sachs.

Marsha and Elyse bring a diverse 50 years of real estate expertise. They combine their experience with a personalized in-depth analysis of each of their client’s homes to maximize their tax savings.

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Property Taxes: Why You Should Get A Reduced Bill Soon, But Won’t
  • October 11th, 2018
  • by timhoughten
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Long Islanders should be getting lower property tax bills soon. Just don’t expect your taxing authority to volunteer to reduce your bill, even if you deserve it. There are a variety of factors that should be putting downward pressure on … Continue Reading >>


“I have saved on my own real estate taxes for many years. As well, any clients I have referred have also saved on their taxes and advised they were very happy with the service and results received from Property Tax Adjusters. It is without hesitation that I refer interested persons, friends and clients alike, to Property Tax Adjusters for assistance on reducing their taxes.”
Herbert G. Pitkowsky, Esq.