Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. is a pioneer in the business of saving homeowner’s money on their property taxes. The company was founded in March 1991 by Marsha Held and Elyse Sachs.

Marsha and Elyse bring a diverse 50 years of real estate expertise. They combine their experience with a personalized in-depth analysis of each of their client’s homes to maximize their tax savings.

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What Causes Your Property Taxes to Go Up?
  • June 24th, 2017
  • by timhoughten
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Most people don’t understand property taxes. Considering the tax code is 80,000 pages long, not including the local codes, it’s no surprise that it’s so hard to understand. Yet, failing to get some of the basics can lead to homeowners … Continue Reading >>


“I have saved on my own real estate taxes for many years. As well, any clients I have referred have also saved on their taxes and advised they were very happy with the service and results received from Property Tax Adjusters. It is without hesitation that I refer interested persons, friends and clients alike, to Property Tax Adjusters for assistance on reducing their taxes.”
Herbert G. Pitkowsky, Esq.